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 Application Rules.

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Application Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Application Rules.   Application Rules. EmptyFri Mar 07, 2008 5:43 pm

Hello and welcome to Extension.

Before you start writing an application read this carefully so you will know what we expect from you. If you are a deticated player you wont have a problem reading this instructions first.

First of all, We have a very friendly and good communicating raidguild. In karazhan we have all the bosses on farm. we want to expand our guild now so we can do 25 man instances like Gruuls, Magtheridon etc.

What we expect from you?

We have good raiders and mature players so we expect that you are the same. That means a minimum age of 15 years old is preferred, and mature behaviour is required. When we raid we deliver quality and fun playing and we need that same attitude from new members aswell!

Your equipment needs to be half epic items from the fist five bosses of karazan and some epic item from profession. You need to be know the first five bosses of Karazhan and you must have honored repution with the TBC factions so you can do heroics also.

This is a list of the recuirements your character also has to have:

- Read the above section ("What we are looking for").
- Must be level 70, and having a flying mount
- First aid must be 375
- Attunements: Must have a good experience to Karazhan.
- Activity: Online 4-5 days a week during peak raiding/playing time ( 19:15 - 22:30
- Mods: CT_Raid, DBM, class specific mods. (u can find them in our addon pack posted on this forum aswell).
- TS: Able to use TEAMSPEAK2.com software. Listening required, having a mic and using it preferred (required for tanks).
- Connection: Stable connection and PC, people who frequently disconnect dont need to apply.
- Gear: Having farmed the first five boss in karazhan (at Curator) , you should know what's the best for your class. You should also have gear for offspecs (Tank, DPS, healing, etc) in case you need to spec differently for specific fights, as well as being ready to farm resistance gear when it's required.
- Enchants/Gems: All gear has to be enchanted with the highest level enchants. Items with sockets should be fully socketed with high quality (rare or better preferred) fitting gems. Striving to have the best possible gear and enchants/gems to maximize performance should be something YOU want to do, not something you have to be told to do.

These rules are very strict but its necessary to maintain the quality of Extension. Good players donít want a green item equipped player in their middle that takes the quality down.

Besides that we will need the new people also for doing Gruuls lair and that requires a nearly full epic group of 25 members. To obtain that goal we need players that can do karazhan quite easily so we farm a lot of epics every week, so our goal for Gruul will come soon for us.

When you are a raider we will expect from you to be prepared for raiding. Meaning to carefully read tactics before going on raid with us and to have installed the proper add0ns to do that!

What u get from Extension!

When you have the same goals as we have, and the requirments written above, you will find yourself in a very friendly raidguild who you can laugh with, and make fun with in raiding. But donít forget when it comes to obtaining new goals and to down new bosses we are deadly serious and go for our goal. We do heroics together and we help eachother with groupquests and other things.

Extension is a group! That means we have officers to guide this group into the difficult encounters but we listen to all the imput that members come up with.
That means we listen to all of you people, but donít get that ďI know it all betterĒ attitude cause thatís an imput we donít appreciate.

When you join our guild u will get an experienced CL (Class Leader) which will help you and give you instructions about tuning your character for raiding in Extension. Feel free to ask what you want cause we are all very helpful and friendly people and we make a good team.

I hope these Instructions are very clear for everybody. Feel free to make an application as soon as possible! Remember to use our application forum properly. Incomplete applications will be discarded. Our recruit officers will contact you soon ingame.

Donalex, Warrior Vice CL.
Website Admin.
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Application Rules.
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