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 Class Leader News!!!

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Class Leader News!!! Empty
PostSubject: Class Leader News!!!   Class Leader News!!! EmptyTue Mar 11, 2008 6:51 pm

Okay this info concerns the Class Leader and The Vice Class Leaders... I would appriciate a lot if you only start to invite your own classes to raid.. Example all can go and look on an application from an interested Player to join us.. But it should only be Class Leader who will be in deep contact with him about joining. So Class Leader will consider if he is good enough for his spec.. Remember not just to invite all and everyone that signs, some are newbs as well.
All this includes the Vice Class Leaders as well... so if the Class Leader can not go do anything about the application because of vacation or any other kind in that case, The Vice Class leader will take over.. and the other way as well with the Class Leader, but else it would be smart of you guys, Vice Class Leader and Class Leader works together about noticing if the interested player is a average player to join us with right requirements and skill. Still the same if one of the leaders can not help the one leader available will try to do it alone, and if he/she cant you can always see on the notes the other peoples put on the Application then we will find out if he is set to join us...
Ask for Further information by replieing ofc.. I dont want whispers please.

- Daluun
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Class Leader News!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Class Leader News!!!   Class Leader News!!! EmptyWed Mar 12, 2008 10:22 am

Really good point there:P

i will say if some who have sign for raid then be there aleast in time , and all those ask for invite well go sign up then not all do that and still asking for a invite for raid.

annother thing is if not those who have sign up is not online 30 minuts or longer at raid start 19:15 that meen if you come 19:50 then they will not get to raid then we go for another one

ofc if have tolde you will get alittle later then ok we keep the spot:)

a option is we wait to 19:45 if longer we find a replacement

regards Ahld
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Class Leader News!!!
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